QB or not QB

It is well known that the Vikings are currently looking for their next headcoach, howeverm they are also going to be in need of a quarterback for 2014. There are some options out there, so let’s take a look:

Current Roster:
Currently the Vikings roster consists of Matt Cassell, Josh Freeman, and Christain Ponder. Ponder has fallen out of favor with coaching, ownership, and appears to be headed out the door as GM Rick Spielman has finally admitted he made a mistake in drafting Ponder. Josh Freeman was signed earlier in the season for $2 million, played one horrendus game against the Giants, and hasn’t been seen since. Cassell however has played well at times, leading the Vikings to vicotry against the playoff bound Eagles, the Lions, and close games against Green Bay and Baltimore.┬áHis stat line was:


While that isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, Cassell was serviceable. He started growing a repoire with Greg Jennings, Jarius Wright, and Cordarelle Patterson. Cassell is signed to a 2-year deal but he has the option for the 2nd year. He has a high probability to start next season and possibly groom a rookie QB to be a future starter. With capable QB play from Cassell, the Vikings could be in contention for at least a Wild Card spot, if not a division title.

The Draft:

Teddy Bridgewater – Louisville
It has been reported earlier this week that Bridgewater will declare for the NFL draft. The likely hood of Bridgewater being avaialble at the 8th pick is unlikely, however the Vikings could move up in the draft. Bridgewater is the clear cut #1 rated QB in the upcoming draft. Though he has the ability to pick up yards being mobile, he is a pure pocket passer built in the Andrew Luck mold. He can make the downfield throws, play well in the clutch and has good ball security. The Vikings reached on Ponder in 2011 as QB’s were coming off the board. Trading up for Bridgewater is the sure fire way to land a the franchise QB of the future

Blake Bortles – UCF
Bortles has been climbing up the draft boards lately, and his performance in the Fiesta Bowl may have pushed him to the #2 rated QB in the draft. Bortles is built like a typical NFL QB, is accurate, and has a strong arm. Some of the knocks on Bortles is he hasn’t played against tough competition at UCF, he is a bit inconsistent on short throws, and he is still young. He could go back to UCF one more year as he is only a red shirt junior, though with Zach Mettenberger getting hurt, and Marcus Mariotta returning to school, the time to come out is now for Bortles.

Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M
Manziel seems to be the most controversial QB coming into the draft. He can play in the big games against top competition, and had a great game in the Chick-fil-A bowl against Duke. He doesn’t quite have the height as a typical QB (then again neither does Russell Wilson or Drew Brees, and they are doing ok) and his technique is a bit off. He has a bit of attitude/swager to him that may both help him and hinder him in the NFL. In most circles he is the #2 or #3 rated QB in the draft, and most likely will be one of 2 QB’s that will be available when the Vikings draft at #8


Derek Carr – Fresno State
Carr’s draft stock has slipped a bit after an ugly bowl game against USC. He will have time to make that up in private workours and next months scouting combine. He can make all the NFL throws and has the arm strength but needs a bit of work on his pocket presence and progress through his reads. Carr is most likely the QB that will be available when the Vikings go on the clock, and could very will be a great fit for Minnesota

Free Agents

It is highly unlikely the Vikings will go to free agency for their QB. There isn’t going to be much available. Derek Anderson, Michael Vick, Josh McNown, and Chad Henne round up the the free agent QB class. These are all veteran retreads but wouldn’t serve the Vikings well.


Final Verdict

The Vikings best and most likely option will be to re-sign Matt Cassell and have him go into 2014 as the starter while grooming Bortles or Carr, unless they put all their chips on the table and trade up for Bridgewater.