Frazier: Fired or not ?

For my first entry in a long time, I though I would discuss the status of head coach  Leslie Fraizer. There has multiple reports before and after today’s game that he will be fired, and others that he will be kept. Lets take a look at a few reason why each could/should happen

Why he should stay:

1. Regardless of how fast the season went downhill, the team continued to play, and making some games rather close against Green Bay and Baltimore, and won games against Detroit and Philadelphia down the stretch. They team very easily could have quit on Frazier, especially with the QB circus we trotted out on the field

2. The Vikings will play 2 seasons at TCF Bank Stadium. Firing Frazier and finding a coach that want’s to coach 2 season in a college stadium may be a tall order and isnt necessairly the most attractive of options

3. The players love him. Adrian Peterson and Greg Jennings have both publically stated that they want Frazier back next year. Peterson is a very respected player in the organization and is the face of the franchise. He doesn’t necessarily have pull, but his opinion is very respected

Why he should go:

1. The QB circus. Minnesota seemed to waver on who they wanted at QB this year. Starting with Ponder, then Cassell, Josh Freeman, Ponder again, then Cassell again. The Freeman expirement was a $2 million waste as he only played one game. The Vikings also finally admitted they swung and missed on draft Christian Ponder. Cassell was servicable at times, and, had he played all season, the Vikings may have been a contender in the division.

2. Miss-usage of players. Cordarrelle Patterson was a beast the 2nd half of the season, however, was underutilized during the first half. Linebacker Audie Cole proved to be a spark in the defense down the stretch before getting hurt, however, rode the bench most of the season. Though there are other working parts in regards to player evaluation and who plays, Frazier is the head coach and decisions run through him.

Do I think Frazier will be fired ? I think its almost a certantity that he will. We will find out Black Monday.

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